Sunday, April 26, 2009


Iceland, another country in a deep economic crisis, has launched a “pro-slaughter” ad campaign on radio, TV and in newspapers. Interweaving patriotic imagery of the national flag, historical pictures of whaling, the PR campaign touts that whaling will generate up to 300 jobs—which represents 1% of the country’s population. If Iceland returns to whaling, the hunters would likely face confrontations with militant green groups. Earlier this year, the Sea Shepherd group harassed Japan’s “scientific” hunt in the Antarctic. Just a few days ago, Agenda 21, another ecowarrior group , sabotaged the Norwegian whaling ship Skarbakk near the Norwegian Lofoten Islands by flooding the engine room. Considering Iceland’s currency is worthless and the banking system has collapsed, it is hard to imagine Iceland’s whalers will be able to sustain losses like the Japanese and Norwegians and keep killing.

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