Friday, April 17, 2009


We did not expect to receive feedback quite this quickly. But finally we hearing from anonymous readers--not friends and family who are obligated to be polite and complimentary. Here's an unabridged review from a Mr. Gary Ono. We'll post 'em as we get 'em. Good or bad.

Wow! I must admit it was a gripping, pulsating, action-packed, couldn't -put-down novel. At first, I thought Jan the world's leading Save the Whale activist is the First Lady? Isn't this going to be an unbelievable story? But, there was a lot of substance to make her out to be a real character.

Anyway, Gatien & Sreesscanda have very graphically described everything:in colorful and easy to imagine detail: the weather, the ships, the technology, the whales, and the characters.The plot was wonderfully woven. There are a lot of stretching of the imagination to some of the near-death struggles, but it works. I can imagine a movie. I even saw some clever product placements, you clever devils you.

Thanks also for the recipe. I'll have to place my order to Kaiyou soon before they sell-out their stock. When you do the movie can I audition for the role of Yamamura? That way you can get someone who's a real whale eater and can passionately get into character. Just kidding, guys.

Well, what I was fearing the most, a real anti-Japanese bashing diatribe turned out fairly well-balanced. At least you had Isamu Tomita be a "good-guy" to show the compassionate caring side of our Nikkei friends.

All in all, I would recommend "Save the Whales Pease" to family and friends.

Gary Ono. Los Angeles.

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