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For Love and Whales, Jason Statham, Pirates, and Stavangers
Today at 12:40am
So I have taken some time off to decompress from making of the trailer. Went back to normalcy, working, drinking, walking, epic-ly jamming with friends, eating fancy pizza. I always think it’s important to have an instituted “No-Fly Zone” following a large creative undertaking, y’know a way to refill the taken that has been so efficiently spent. Taking the time to listen to all those albums that “Dude, [I] have to fuckin’ check this out…. It will change your life”… you know the kind.

For those of you whop don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, well, I have spent this last month blogging about “the Whale Book” (Save the Whales Please) an eco-thriller I have acquired (thank you authors of) and decided to make a trailer for the release. I love trailers, books are cool, and my creative partner Lilan and I decided it’s time to stop talking about shooting something and finally just do it. It’s been well received and we are still amazed by the compliments.
Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet:

And I know I already thanked them in the credits, but can I just say Sigur Ros - ( ) and in particular track #8 is an absolute must have for your record collection. That is if you like music that… dares.

And now that the triale ris on Youtube, “Hello!” to my screen neighbors “Hayden Panettiere PSA for Save the Whales Again” and “Choose Your Own Crank”. Neighbors, we share this cul de sac of Internet space, I look forward to a fruitful and communal living situation. Hayden, your video is heartbreaking and when I see you on your surfboard with the other ecologist trying to save the dolphins, I am genuinely moved. I never really watched Heroes, but I think it’s great to have a cause. And Lionsgate with “Choose Your Own Crank”: you know, Jason Statham joints and I have crossed paths in so many unlikely times. It seems whenever I am abroad, be it on an airplane, in a bar, or at someone’s house, you (JS) are always on. I think the last film you were in that I saw in the States was… “Snatch?” And that was mostly because it was a Guy Ritchie, post “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” (must see!), joint. But JS, before you get your neatly pressed black and white suit with skinny tie in a rumple, I gotta say, I have never left a Statham flick disappointed, you’re batting a thous. And it was my English Professor friend who passed me a copy of “Crank” to watch on the flight to China. Aside from hiding my laptop screen from the old lady sitting next to me, the film was fan-fucking-tastic. 7 thumbs way up! Bowed guitars my friend, bowed guitars. “So yeah, Jason, we should hang out, go see “I Love You Man” or something. Oh you’re busy? That’s cool…… ok…. Um… well definitely, let’s do something next weekend….. cool…. ok….. or whatever… just text me…. I’m usually free these…. ok… yeah, no I get it, totally… just whenever your free, heh heh heh, you know what to do… “What the hell is with all these pirate attacks of late? The US helmed Dutch ship Maersk and all the hostage stuff has been headlines of late, but this morning I also read about British and German ships being seized and…. an Italian tugboat!? Really? No offense, but aren’t tugboats the booby prize of boats? Besides, I’ll be first to cry “Too Soon! Too Soon!” since those devastating Italian quakes just happened. But hey, I doubt A.) Any Somali Pirates read this blog B.) Even if they did they’d give two shits; they’re out on the high seas because it beats starving in a failed Somali state, the ransom money they’re getting is absurd by Somali standards, and the second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean just hit the movie theaters there… can we say “pirate fever”!? That and I hear women are teeming about at the Somali ports, looking to get land a rich husband. Joking aside, I’m not joking, things are that bad over there, and alternatives are few. Aside from sending fleets of warships to the Gulf of Aden and blowing every pirate out of the water, it’s fair to say the whole area needs some alternative/hope to these options… poor socioeconomics is a bitch.

In the news article I read on the pirate/hostage situation I saw a bit about a German ship Hansa Stavanger being used as the pirates mothership, by which to launch off shore attacks. “Stavanger” is also the name of the pirate whaling boat being used by Jan (the first lady) in Save the Whales Please , which I am 2/3 of the way through. It got me curious as to what the significance of the name is in relation to pirates. So I Wiki-ed it and here’s what I found:
• It’s the 4th largest city in Norway
• It’s a combination of the new and old.
• There’s a NATO Warfare Center there
• The Norse pronunciation of the name is Stafangr which stafr means stick of staff, and may refer to an inlet or mountain range in Norway.
• It holds an International Jazz Festival.

Ok, so no cool meaning like “ Hammer of God” or “Oceanic Sword” or “Tritan of Poseidan in a bad mood.”But no, Stavanger means stick.And I am not s[t]ick of this book, not one bit, in large part because it reminds me of great episodic TV. Now, it’s no secret that I am a huge devotee to “24” and “Lost”, and the way the book reads, I have yet to hit that “back story/plot explanation/development” episode which is important to the whole season, but kind of the disappointing one where nothing happens. I am 2/3 and there are plenty of opportunities for great moments and boring plot devices. This reader will stay vigilant.
Love and Whale Sounds (via ondes martinet),

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