Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Popular organic supermarket chain, Whole Foods, has warned Iceland of a complete boycott on Icelandic products if the nation continues commercial whaling.

"Whole Foods Market is a mission-driven company committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship of our planet, with a wide customer base with like-minded values," A.C. Gallo, the assistant president of the chain, said in his statement to the Minister of Fisheries. "We are deeply disturbed by the former Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture’s decision to authorize the hunting of Sei and Minke Whales over the next five years, along with a dramatic increase in Iceland’s whaling quota...Our customer stakeholders are highly educated and environmentally aware, and we believe that if Iceland continues its current stance on whaling that the demand for Icelandic products in our stores will decline forcing us to seek out alternative product sources from other countries."

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