Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blue Whales are Big

Tuesday 7:27pm

Truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YtC-VagE4Y

A confession: when I was a kid... from ages 3-7, I seriously considered the career of being a dolphin trainer.... and it was probably in large part because of Sea World. Which is hard. If not for Sea World my love for the ocean and all these wonderful creatures would never be as potent and vibrant as it is today. I remember after my first visit, complete with miniatures, stuffed animal dolphin, getting splashed by Shamu, I started devouring any and all literature on these massive beauts (pronounced bee-you-ts). Pop-up books, coloring books, interactive ones (those were amazing... they should have pop and interactive-y books for a range of subjects... for adults... from the Sonic Youth story to the dramatic retelling of the Summer of Sam murders to... I dunno, urban legends about tumors in chicken sanwiches at popular fast food chains?) and then on to National Geographic's and text books.
...I remember this one book... I think it was called "ENDANGERED!" and on the cover was a beached Sperm Whale with a bloody front. The cover was so dramatic... seeing an animal of that immensity, so completely out of it's element... powerful in its sheer size and powerless its it's gaped mouth despair. I borrowed that book from the Huntington Beach Public Library probably 8 times, each time hiding it behind boring subject like "The Industrial Revolution: Cotton Gin Power Player" so I can get it again when my mom could take me to the library. It horrified and intrigued me, leaving an indelible burn of images it so dramatically captured in it's pages... I was emboldened by it then, but as a kid, the most I could do was read everything on the ocean, swim in the sea, and cut the 6-pack rings out of the Sunkist we bought from Alpha Beta.

The blue whale is the largest animal on Earth, though humans probably have the largest egos. And the most potential/compassion????

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