Saturday, May 9, 2009


Link to Kristin Merrihew's full review in BREAKING NEWS!

Save the Whales Please mixes high-stakes whaling drama with quite sophisticated international plotting by players in Tokyo, Washington, the North Pacific, and Europe. The novel takes us into boardrooms and back rooms, onto ship bridges and bloody slaughter platforms, and into the midst of maneuvering politicians and vicious pirates (ripped from the headlines, no?). In fact, a number of events that have either already happened or could very possibly occur in the not too distant real world also sharpen this novel’s suspenseful edge. The difference between our reality and the novel’s though is that nearly everything in Save the Whales Please links to novel’s centerpieces: whaling…and its uncompromising opponents.

The novel whisks cinematically from one short scene to another like the action blockbuster prose “movie” it is. Its nail biting opening scenes make one wonder if the authors haven’t shot their biggest wad very prematurely. But not to worry. Konrad Karl Gatien and Sreescanda (who also write for the big and little screens) skillfully pepper the story with limited victories on the various sides, only to then pose new obstacles and dangers. The culmination crescendos, pulling numerous plot threads together and piling peril upon peril to surprise even the jaded reader with its audacity.

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